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Location: Caraban
Bio: Initially, Aternos Hosting is for Minecraft lovers who are looking out for a free Minecraft server and thus aren’t searching
for anything that’s tremendous duper fancy, rich in options or wealthy in Ram.
Who is Aternos For? Secondly, it’s aimed toward predominantly small groups of people who simply need a shared community the place they'll cling out with just a few friends.
So long as you’re not asking for a lot (however still want to do crazy stuff,
like me and my buddies did), Aternos is perfect.

One of many questions I’ve personally been requested so much is this: If a Minecraft server like Aternos
is free, is it truly secure and legit? MelonCube is the place to get a Minecraft server
for quite a lot of causes. We were soon having a lot of enjoyable.
The entire process is incredibly easy and you'll jump
from having no Minecraft server to having a fully
customised one complete with your own world at the touch of a few buttons.

I don't know if that would be a simple Paint-model app, or one thing more themed and sport-like,
but I began this technology with an eye on the RTS area, hoping to make a
recreation during which gamers might construct tools and defenses with colored bins.

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