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Bio: Not solely can you determine if something like
griefing is even doable in your server,
but you can also resolve who gets to play on it. In case your Minecraft world ever will get deleted or corrupted, ServerMiner allows you to recuperate it in its entirety
within 7 days, full with mods, plugins, and everything else.
One other factor value noting about ServerMiner is that the
company accepts payments in multiple currencies. The very last thing you need is to spend numerous hours constructing one thing only to have one other player smash it in a matter of minutes.
That is somewhat related to the last point however is worth discussing individually because monetization is an important
part of running a server. The entry point for a Java version server is
available in at $5.24 per month, which is a bit high.
It’s interesting to note that the Pocket Edition plans actually include an infinite quantity of RAM.
The state of affairs is fairly similar within the case of the Pocket
Version. Ensure that to get a server with more slots than you really need
for the time being, simply in case your community finally ends up
expanding sooner or later. Some internet hosting companies provide unlimited slots with their plans but
as a rule this won’t be the case.

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